Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colors from Nature - Sunny Fun Day (Sold)

I was handed over a big bagful of semi-precious the other day.  It was pretty excited when I saw these lovelies.  The colours from these nature stones were so cheerful and bright which I couldn't wait to put my hands on them.

I have a thought...hmm...since these lovelies are so colourful, I shall categorise the creations under "Colors from Nature". 


First piece from the nature.....Sunny Fun Day!


Sunny Fun Day - It was a bright sunny day when shooting was done.  The butterfly and the yellow turquoise square have given me the name.  To enhance the colours, I have added in a well polished black agate to show the contrast of the bracelet.  The chain and floral toggle are in rose gold accents.

This beauty will fit wrist up to 18cm.  I would be happy to adjust it to your preferred wrist length.

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