Monday, December 7, 2009

Myranda (Sold)

** Limited Design **

Myranda - Favourite of the year. This versatile design, similar to "Tracy" could be worn as earrings or necklace. I guess I could not do another one of this, because it has taken too much of my time and some of these parts are very rare.  Here we have the biggest beautiful pink flower, which was carved out straight from Queen Conch shell.  The colour from the flower is the natural colour of queen conch.  Not every piece of this kind of flower is the same.  Also we have a carved petite mother of pearl flowers.  On the earrings, I have embellished with some crystal bits, pink cats eye, white mother of pearl and a pastel pink carved mini rose from Japan.  All and all, everything beautiful are seen here.

Drop is a little wild with 7cm at its longest side.  A 24cm long chain will come along with this piece.

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