Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gem series - Eula (Sold)

** Gem series **

** Limited Design **

Eula - A well-spoken design.  Specially imported parts and gems.  The orchid design earstuds have a matte silver finished with one of its petals embellished with crystal bits. The unique design is specially plated silver over brass body with 925 sterling silver earposts.  The faceted moonstone briolettes reflected lights as seen on the pictures.  It will be an attention seeker piece.

Healing properties

Brings peace and harmony and attracts one to spiritual things. Assists one in allowing oneself to be served and treated with the kindness and consideration that one deserves.

Physical: Aids in the assimilation of nutrients, eliminates toxins, strengthens the reproductive organs in women, eases labor, enhances fertility and assist the body in releasing excess water.

Emotional: Integrates the emotions so that one may experience true compassion and sensitivity. Alleviates emotional tension.

The earrings has a drop of 22mm from the earstuds.

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