Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gem series - Retha (Sold)

** Lustrous Gem series **

** Limited Design **

Retha - She is beautiful.  The heart shaped earstuds which has a matte finished of 16k gold plating over brass with sterling silver posts at the back are imported.  Dangling below are a pair of faceted black onyx droplets with some Amethyst, Tourmaline rondells and freshwater pearls.  Great a gift or own keepsake.

The earrings has a drop of 3.5cm from earstuds.


Healing properties -

This stone comes in every color of the rainbow and each color has a specific frequency that alters the human condition. As a general rule each of the colors correspond to a chakra and affect that energy center of the body.
  • Pink (Rubellite) - Stimulates the heart chakra and encourages the universality of unconditional love. Promotes loving aspirations to be realized in this reality.

Calms the mind, enhances mental activity and lends strength and will power to control passions and break undesirable habits.

Physical: Balances metabolism, stimulates tissue regeneration and increases the production of red corpuscles. May be used to treat disorders of blood sugar levels and lapses in the immune system.

Emotional: Amplifies thought, increases intuition and integrates emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to function as a single unit.


Encourages good fortune, enhances self-control, stimulates divisiveness.

Physical: Strengthens the center of the skeletal system. Allows for internal support of outer desires.

Emotional: Banishes grief and allows one to separate with grace and ease. Assists one in becoming the orchestrator of one’s future. Helps one to recognize one’s strengths and to utilize them to one’s best interest.
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