Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colors from Nature - Ludivine

** Colors from Nature series **

** Limited design **

Ludivine - This is a gorgeous and feminine piece.  I've made this some time ago, just couldn't help adoring it every moment.  Nonetheless, here your chance for you to have her.  She is so delicate. Made lovingly with freshwater pearls and pastel pink smooth translucent rose quartz donuts with all sterling silver wires and chains.  Great as an addition to your jewelry box.

The necklace has a overall length of 23.5 inches all round.

$65.00 with registered mail for you.

Healing properties -

Rose Quartz

Promotes self-fulfillment and peace, restores balance to the emotions.

Physical: Helps the body to release muscular cramping, useful during one’s menstrual cycle, birthing and after strenuous exercise. Helps the body to absorb magnesium.

Emotional: Brings calmness and clarity to the emotional state and assists one in trusting one’s own truth and decisions.

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