Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colors from Nature - Megumi

** Colors from Nature series **

Megumi - which has a meaning of "blessing".  The necklace has 2 layers.  The first layer is made with beautiful bright red coral beads and a black and gold floral filigree.  The second layer is a lariat style necklace made with black enamel chain.  The knot will fall slight below the first layer necklace as shown in first picture.

The necklace has a overall length of 26.5 inches for first layer.

$45.00 with registered mail for you.

Healing properties -


Represents the ability to allow for flow and change in ones life and quiets the emotions.

Physical: Stimulates tissue regeneration, helps the body to clear cholesterol from the circulatory system by enhancing the production and absorption of niacin into the physical body.

Emotional: Helps one to connect with the quality of the mystic within. Brings in communication with past spiritual masters to bear on current issues and transfer this knowledge in a manner that is easily understood.
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